Our Practitioners:

Dr. Jen Hartley

Chiropractor, Neurologist, Naturopath, Herbalist

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Dr Hartley offers a unique combination of services that provides a 98% Success Rate for very low prices.She is the only doctor in the world that combines techniques that address the both structural, neurological and emotional reasons for your health issues as well as integrating in herbs and nutrition to maximize your ability to heal and stay well.

Robert J. Ogarek M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

Lotus Studio Acupuncture

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Lotus Studio Acupuncture is home to Denver’s top acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist Robert Ogarek. Robert approaches treatments with the intention of providing a safe, gentle and nurturing environment in which to assist his patients along their healing journeys. His primary treatment philosophy is directed toward engaging patients’ innate health and healing abilities as well as an emphasis on preventative medicine.

Melissa Moralez

Licensed Massage Therapist

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Melissa Moralez, specializes in a unique modality called Neuro-Kinetic Rehabilitative Massage which works to retrain the proper communication of all the muscles to fix the compensation patterns that are causing your issues.

It is unlike any other “massage” you have ever experienced.  Each massage is tailored to meet each clients individual needs and the results are faster than with any other massage technique.

Stacie Scarberry

Denver Highlands & Wheat Ridge Rolfing

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By living in a state of injury or pattern dysfunction, we perpetuate states of discomfort and inherit the belief system that everyday pain is a part of life. At Denver Highlands Rolfing we help to ‘reboot’ the body, so that it is once again fluid, effective and efficient by alleviating and reprogramming old patterns accumulated by misuse and injury.

Katrina Shreve

Bare Medicine

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Bare Medicine returns us to the roots of Natural Medicine to bring you to a complete state of wellness through Holistic Therapies and superior quality Natural Products that treat you from the inside out and nurture your entire body, mind, and soul.

Dr. Lynn Tran McDonald

Wild & Precious Optimal Living
Optimal Life Body Contouring

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Dr. Lynn provides specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments that are gentle and effective for practice members of any age. While she is successful in helping people with low back and neck issues, her passion is working with women going through pregnancy and post-partum, and working with people struggling with emotional stress eating patterns, chronic fatigue, poor sleeping patterns. Dr. Lynn has extensive training in pregnancy and pediatrics, allowing her to provide the highest quality of care during the most precious time of life. She is Webster certified.

Nancy Dupont

Licensed Massage Therapist

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I have been dedicated to offering the most advanced therapies since 1987 .

Using my advanced training in Integrative Palpation, Cranial Sacral, Neural Lymphatic Massage, Myofascial Cupping and Plant Based Medicine.

I am very dedicated and feel great gratitude for my work and will continue to grow.

Now is a very good time to care about each other as we take steps to move forward together.

Family Nutrition services by Sara Peternell

Sara Peternell, MNT, BCHN®

Family Nutrition Services


Sara Peternell is board certified in holistic nutrition and is a Hashimoto’s/thyroid nutrition expert. Other areas of focus include: digestive issues, pre- and post-natal nutrition, food intolerances, autoimmune illnesses, and complex child feeding and growth conditions.

Sara earned her Bachelor of Arts from Drake University, and completed the Master of Nutrition Therapy program at the Nutrition Therapy Institute.

Sara’s nutrition practice reaches clients all over the Denver-metro area, the U.S., and even internationally. She has been in practice for nearly 20 years.

Sara is co-author of the award-wining Little Foodie: Recipes for Babies & Toddlers With Taste.

Jenn Lane

Holistic Physical Therapy

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Holistic Physical Therapy was created out of a desire to provide high quality, person-centered, integrative therapy. Jenn Lane develops a personalized program to fit each client’s specific wellness and rehabilitation needs.Her unique approach includes a specialization in dry needling and pelvic floor dysfunction, among many other things.